Brujazul, a Mexican independent filmmaking production, was founded by three talented women who affectionately call each other "bruja" (witches in Spanish). Their name "Azul" comes from their award-winning film "Los aƱos azules" (The Blue Years), capturing the essence of youth. Brujazul aims to make its mark in the world of filmmaking.
We proposed a creative solution for Brujazul. We designed a logo featuring an abstraction of a three-eyed cat, symbolizing the trio of talented "brujas" overseeing the world through their filmmaking lens. The logo depicted the cat gazing up from a Mexican arch window, connecting the brand to its cultural roots. A geometric sans serif font complements the logo, conveying modernity and progressiveness.
For the introduction video, we designed a captivating storyboard featuring a three-eyed cat as a constant spectator of the world. The 10-second video sets the tone for Brujazul's unique perspective on storytelling and leaves a lasting impression on its audience. It acts as an enticing invitation for viewers to explore the world of Brujazul and experience the magic of their filmmaking prowess.
The logo's clever incorporation of a three-eyed cat and the Mexican arch creates a memorable and culturally rooted representation. The introduction video conveys the brand's unique perspective, leaving a lasting impression on its audience. Now, Brujazul has a powerful tool to attract audiences, partners, and collaborators who resonate with their creative vision and passion for storytelling.

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