The primary users are mid-aged, low-tech Latinx individuals working in US agriculture industries, accessing the app through affordable smartphones for basic communication purposes. Many of these users are not familiar with email or password concepts, leading to challenges during account creation and subsequent logins.
The initial app design featured two signup buttons, one for B2C and another for B2B. This design confused low-tech B2B users, leading them to unintentionally create B2C accounts. The focus of MiSalud is primarily on B2B employers, thus requiring a design shift.
The original login/signup process involved email and password authentication, which posed difficulties for the target audience that lacks an understanding of secure passwords and email addresses.
User doesn't have an email:
Many users don't possess email addresses, making traditional login methods inaccessible
User doesn't understand secure passwords:
The concept of secure passwords is foreign to this user group. Often struggle to remember their email and password combinations.
User created a B2C account mistakenly: 
Due to design confusion, users accidentally create B2C accounts instead of B2B accounts.
Feature Narrative
Employer Code Account Creation:
To streamline B2B account creation, users begin by entering their employer code.
Phone Number Validation:
Users add their phone numbers, which will serve as their account validation data.
SMS Verification:
A secure SMS verification code is sent to the provided phone number for confirmation.
Recovery Code:
A recovery code is generated and saved for future scenarios, such as changing the phone number associated with the account.
Design Screens:
B2B Account Creation
Design in collaboration with Emmanuel Aguirre
Passwordless Login
Design in collaboration with Emmanuel Aguirre
The introduction of a passwordless login feature for MiSalud's app addresses the pain points faced by its low-tech Latinx users, who lack familiarity with email and secure passwords. By employing the user's phone number as the primary authentication method, MiSalud can seamlessly onboard users and provide them with access to crucial health services. This redesign not only simplifies the signup and login process but also aligns with MiSalud's mission to cater to the unique needs of the Latinx community.

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