Rappi, a prominent Latin American e-commerce platform, embarked on a mission to enhance its grocery shopping service by creating an intuitive web app. The goal was to seamlessly blend the convenience of online shopping with the familiarity of traditional in-store experiences, catering to the tech-savvy Latin American adults, aged late 20s to mid-30s, accustomed to desktop usage for their daily tasks.
Benchmarking and Rappi Mobile App Analysis:
Instead of conducting extensive user research, the project leveraged the existing knowledge base by analyzing the features of Rappi's mobile app. By benchmarking functionalities and analyzing user interactions on the mobile platform, the team identified key elements that could be efficiently translated to the web app, optimizing the user experience within the project budget constraints.

Whiteboarding Session:
In a collaborative effort, Rappi's product lead, design team, and engineering experts convened for an intensive whiteboarding session. The goal was to brainstorm and ideate solutions, drawing on the collective expertise to create an efficient and user-friendly web app. This session became a pivotal moment where creative ideas were explored, and a roadmap for the project was laid out, all while considering the tight delivery deadline.
Prototyping and Iteration:
Fast Prototypes were developed, focusing on a user-friendly interface mirroring the layout of a physical supermarket. Continuous iterations were made based on the analysis of the Rappi mobile app, ensuring that the design resonated with the users' expectations and preferences while optimizing the functionalities for desktop usage.
Supermarket Category Page
Store Home Page
Product Detail
The Rappi CPG web app successfully redefined online grocery shopping for Latin American users. By combining the familiarity of in-store experiences with digital efficiency, Rappi created an engaging platform tailored to users’ preferences and behaviors. The integration of intuitive search, personalized recommendations, and responsive design ensured an unparalleled user experience, establishing Rappi as a pioneer in the Latin American e-commerce landscape. This project showcases the power of user-centric design and adaptability in redefining digital consumer experiences.

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